E-Sports Empowerment & Cryptocrowdfunding.

E-Sports Empowerment & Cryptocrowdfunding.

Our Pre-Sale ends on 31st May, 2018, 13:37 CET

About Our Tokens

Game Respect (GR) is an e-sports brand that aims to build an eco-system of products and services. Everything we create is for the players and community. To fund improvement and create the world’s 1st community controlled e-sports team we are having an ICO. Our tokens are not for things we still have to invent.
It isn’t near, it’s already here.

We don’t have a vague 20-page white paper with technical buzzwords. We’re not working on a miracle machine to save the planet or change the world. (we’ll leave that to our betters) Instead of making beautiful white papers we focus on making products. Our plans are audacious but simple and they can be executed without Brin-brains or Musk-minds. (that means it ain’t rocket science)
The future is here, may we support your career?

We will:
– Enable ANY e-sporter to raise funds via an IGO. (Initial Gamer Offering)
– Create the 1st cryptocrowdfunded E-sports club with teams selected by the community. (that means you!)
– Allow the audiences that make E-sports possible to share in the revenue. (that also means you)
– Help small businesses and advertisers find their way to E-sports more easily.

We offer 3 types of tokens:

1- gamerespect:grip (NEM) Token owners may advise on or participate in GR’s content and media.
2- esport (Waves) Token owners may vote on Team Respect selection.
3- Your own token? We can create NEM mosaics to help fund tournaments or start careers.

Wake up… E-sports 2.0 is here! Donation buttons and T-shirt campaigns were OK, but it’s a new day! Our first platform, BitSportBank, will do for E-sporters what crowdfunding did for startups. Join the revolution!

Small Print:

Esport tokens are a donation receipt and voting ticket for crowdfunding gamerespect.com and it’s e-sports activities. The mission is to make e-sports from the players, for the players and by the players. Anyone should have a path into e-sports and influence on it instead of e-sports becoming the next closed corporate franchise. The collective of token owners get 50% of periodical votes to decide who Game Respect (GR) sponsors and selects for e-sports teams. These tokens are not an investment, currency, security nor any type of share in GR. Voters may be rewarded for their advice and assistance but no vote means no reward. Rewards are not guaranteed because buying tokens is donating. GR may restrict transferability of tokens to prevent manipulation of sponsorship and selection. (Waves:esport)

Game Respect Influence Points or GRIP are tokens given to those that help fund and promote the Game Respect media network.(GR) To get tokens one can make a donation and promote GR e-sports or it’s media channels. Token holders may vote on how GR markets and promotes itself. Holders that vote once a year and promote GR at least 4 times per year in 4 separate quarters may be rewarded for their advise and support. This is not a security nor an investment. GRIP is for active fans that wish to be involved. (NEM gamerespect:grip)



  • Strength, not numbers.

    We don’t have a team of +16 people. There’s two of us plus a few regular mercenaries. We will only expand the team if and when necessary. Rest assured that you’re not paying anyone to water plants and pick up cappucinos while we “develop” a blockchain miracle. Strength not numbers.

    Founder & General Manager: Luther Kempenaar
    Wrote the GR business plan. Luther used his own experiences as a gamer and researched many aspects of the global e-sports industry. Responsible for general management, quality control and deadlines.

    Advisor & Blockchain Whisperer: Ruben Kempenaar
    Hosted his first video game tournament in 1997. After retiring from hosting tournaments in 2006 he kept his ears to the ground. In 2012 he discussed his ideas with Luther. Responsible for branding, communication and product development. (and meditating on blockchain use cases)




  • Crashing Gates, Funding Dreams

    Game Respect is not just another e-sport brand. Our products and services are intended to open doors and crash gates. Blockchain platforms enable the public to do things that used to be exclusive to corporations and the wealthy. We want to offer any gamer with a dream the means to realise it. We want to help any gamer fund their career, and give them a chance to get paid. We want to make funding and marketing e-sports teams as easy as selling on Ebay or starting a YouTube channel.

    “The streets are not paved with gold, the gold flows through fibre optic cables and mobile phone masts.”


  • Products, not white papers

    Instead of just talking and selling a concept we started building our first MVPs. (thank you Brian Rose)
    Yes, we have products you can start using soon! BitSportBank and GamePlate will go live in April and May.

    We reserved 100 thousand grip mosaics as reward for promotion, feedback, bug bounty and honest opinions. Feel free to tell us what we can improve or help spread the word.

    These are only the first two on our list, there is more to come. We’d rather build it than discuss it. Why publish a white paper when you already have a blue print? We’ll announce the next products it when they’re working.


  • Roadmap ?

    2018: Q1 – Introduce the IGO to E-sports and open doors for everybody. (Initial Gamer Offering)
    Q2 – Reach our minimum targets with the token sales of esport (Waves) and gamerespect:grip (NEM)
    Q3 – Establish Team Respect as a competitive E-sports club.
    Q4 – Improve and expand BitSportBank, GamePlate and the Game Respect brand.

    2019: Launch our second line of products and services.




Founder / Manager


Founder / Creator


Regular Token Sale

pre-sale donors & early supporters

Founders & Team



Create Team Respect



R & D


Bribe Gabe Newell



Play Video



Start of development


Q1 - 2018

First MVP product and tokens complete. Start ICO.


Q2 - 2018

Raise 1M euros for Team Respect, let token owners select team, improve 1st MVP, launch next products.


1 Get Team Respect in as many tournaments and international finals as possible.
2 Make the IGA a common way of funding E-sports careers.

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